Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcome to me!

So, initially, I set this up to show a landscaper some photos of my back yard. I never did use it for that, so maybe I'll post an occasional something, now that I have it set up.

I named this blog "Beautiful Day Rule" after our family's rule about TV, computer and video games: you can't use them when it's a beautiful day outside. I love to be outdoors. My nightmares are of flooding caused by global warming. In my worst dream, I am standing on the at the top of planet earth, on the last bit of land, surrounded by water. The water keeps rising until I have to stand on my tippy toes on the last square inch of dry land...and then I wake up.

Determined to bike to the grocery store, line dry the heavy towels, and enjoy nature while I can.

We're supposed to get more conservative and "practical" as we get older. Instead, I'm becoming hippy-dippy, conservationist, nature girl.