Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sent this today...

Dear Speaker Pelosi,

Congratulations on the progress so far in achieving job discrimination protection for all Americans. Please stick to the original principle of equality for ALL. It would be a net loss -- of equality and credibility -- if this bill were to exclude transgendered people. Imagine how abandoned you would feel if you were a transgendered individual and ENDA passed by leaving you out of its protections. I don't want anyone in our country to feel so neglected, and I'm sure you don't either.


Update: An end-of-day comment...wow, that is an incredibly polite letter. If she changes her mind, I'm sure it will be due to my good manners.


Thorne said...

Yay you! Thanks for posting this. I've had enough time on the ol' Mac today... I'm heading out to the garden; it's a beautiful day. (Thanks for reminding me of that!)

BAC said...

You are very polite, but the message is clear.