Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bring back Joycelyn Elders!

Cunning Runt left this comment on one of my previous posts.

No doubt you've heard of The Shrub's nomination for Surgeon Freakin' General, a reeel perfeshin'l feller who thinks gays can/should be "cured" by reprogramming. That ought to bring some sorely-needed sanity to the table.

Sigh. Remember Joycelyn Elders? What a cool lady. She's the ex-Surgeon General who suggested the ABCD's for sexual health: A-abstinence, B-be faithful, C-use a condom, or D-do something else. She got fired for that last one because God forbid that anyone in government acknowledge the safest and most common sexual act of all.

What a comparison, eh? Here's a place you can click-and-send or compose your own letters to your Senators, asking them to reject Dr. Holsinger for Surgeon General. Or maybe you're one of the 43,445 people who have already sent their letters.


TheCunningRunt said...

Spot-on, gurrrl! Jocelyn had it right: take care of your own business and nobody gets hurt!

Thanks for this direct-action link. Though "Dr." Holsinger is appropriately bush league for this administration, he's NOT appropriate to be Surgeon General of a First-World country.

Or the US, for that matter!

BAC said...

I recently met Dr. Elders, and heard her speak at the Sister Song Women of Color Reproductive Health conference in Chicago. She was excellent. Regarding her "D" suggestion she said: "... and, you know you're having sex with someone who loves you."