Monday, June 25, 2007

Miss you!

Hey blogosphere. I'm playing with my family...not far from home, but spending much time outdoors on many beautiful days. Brought the camera, brought the computer, forgot the cable.

Just wanted to say that I miss my blog, your blogs, and comments (here and elsewhere).

I'll be back as soon as I can!


BAC said...

And we miss you, too!
Have fun!


TheCunningRunt said...

Ditto on the BAC comment, fergetaboutit! Have fun!


BTW, when you back so we can welcome youy home?

Karen said...

I had (and am having) tons of fun, thanks!

I love summer, when I can spend more time playing with my kids and less time hassling them about homework, bedtime, etc. It's one great reason to have you can be one again...and what better time to be a kid than summer?

Oh, and I'm back.