Monday, June 4, 2007

Oops. Sorry. Well, maybe it's ok.

Did any one sign up with IdealBite at my recommendation? Some recent tips have me feeling like maybe I recommended a targeted marketing list (...sorry, didn’t realize at first).

Here are the guidelines for products recommended in their tips. They're pretty good.

So, while I don't like getting tips like "Nip/Tuck Alternatives," I do like getting tips like this one, "Insider Trading," on how to swap and trade rather than buy things new.

·BookCrossing - leave used books in designated public places for other email-alerted bookworms to pick up.
·Freecycle - join a local group of swappers online.
·LendList - a share site where you compile a list of things you have to loan out, then send the list around to your friends.
·Swapagift - someone give you a gift card you'll never use? Swap it for cash here.
·Zunafish - swap books, CDs, DVDs and video games for $1/trade, plus shipping.

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Tengrain said...

Hi Karen - I've been a big fan of FreeCycle for years, and have blogged about it at ReadyMade.