Monday, June 4, 2007


OK, I couldn't limit it to one photo. And you need to understand why.

Mark Twain said this about Mono Lake:

"Its sluggish waters are so strong with alkali that if you only dip the most hopelessly soiled garment into them once or twice, and wring it out, it will be found as clean as if it had been through the ablest of washer woman's hands."

We joked a lot about those ablest of washer women this past weekend.

And we made sure to rinse off the Mono Lake water. It is so alkaline (like Lye soap), and salty, it eats away at stuff. Mark Twain's "soiled garment" probably would have dissolved if he'd dipped it one more time.

So picture me, my little camera in a water-tight box hanging from my neck. I get into position to take a photo (using my best, but novice, paddling skills), stop paddling for a moment and:
  • shake Mono Lake water off my hands

  • open water-tight box

  • remove camera

  • turn on camera

  • zoom camera

  • frame shot

    Oops. My kayak has drifted.

  • hang camera by its strap from my teeth

  • maneuver kayak back into position

  • frame shot

  • click

  • turn off camera

  • put camera back into water-tight box and close it

  • find even better angle

  • repeat

Don't feel sorry for me; it was great fun! Having this blog makes me look at the world more closely. Thank you for being here and giving me a reason to really see things.

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BAC said...

The photos are great and the story, even better!


TheCunningRunt said...

What bac said... you have a great eye and a great way with words. Mind if I blogroll you?