Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Green tip for the blue lady of the house

Blue Gal, daa'ling. When you polish the silver for your next Salon, check out this tip at IdealBite:

Still searching for your knight in shining armor?

The Bite:
Can't help you with the knight part, but we're all over the shining armor. Natural metal polishes leave your brass, silver and steel sparkling, and they're non-toxic so you don't need to suit up in your chain mail before using them.

The Benefits:

  • Effective cleaning. Tarnish doesn't stand a chance.
  • Safer ingredients. Non-toxic formulas are free of
    chems like lung-irritating ammonia.
  • Cleaner water. The EPA estimates each U.S. household
    disposes of 1 lb of hazardous waste per year (including solvent-based polishes), which can make its way into groundwater if washed down the drain. more here

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