Friday, May 18, 2007

Save Darfur: Go Green

Hope that last post doesn't sound preachy.

I've been thinking about Darfur, lately, thanks to Quaker Dave and his Daily Darfur. Also, my husband recently read Jared Diamond's "Collapse" (and told me a lot about it) and then there was this article in yesterday's paper.

What both Collapse and several retired U.S. Generals say is, basically, it is a lot easier for people to work out their differences and get along when they are not being flooded out of their homes and countries, or dying of thirst and famine. On the flip side, when those things do occur, people follow demagogues, they fight, there is genocide.

So my second post today, is "Safe Darfur: Go Green." The idea being that if we don't stop climate change, what is happening in Darfur will start happening all over the place.

As I wrote in my first post here, my nightmare is of the planet flooding and my being left standing on the last dry inch of land, on my tippy toes. Before that happens, though, there will be another kind of nightmare: fighting everywhere. displaced people everywhere. heat. hunger.

So, be green: go outside, ride your bike or walk your dog. Save Darfur.

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