Friday, May 11, 2007

Start with the State Flower

I didn't quite make it to my destination before I had to turn back to meet the school bus, but I did see this clump of California Poppies on my abbreviated bike ride.

My Grandma and I once walked up a really big hill full of California Poppies. I mean, it must have been about 30 feet high (I was four at the time)!

School bus is here, gotta go.


chumly said...

I like bluebells. That is a pretty picture thanks for sharing.

Manila Ryce said...

My favorite flower. I had planted a whole bunch in my grandmother's planter recently only to have them pulled up by her gardener. Time to try again. I will not be deterred.

Thorne said...

Hi!!! I love your "Beautiful day rule" I'm going to try to implement it myself. Some days I spend waay too much time on this thing. I come via MPS, where we are both blogrolled under the heading of "meditative" (I was really glad tengrain moved me from "Political", where he had me during my participation in the Blog Against Theocracy) I'm going to blogroll you on my next layout update.

Karen said...

Oooooh! I like being classified as "meditative!"

Welcome, Thorne and Chumly.

Funnyt that Manila and I both have a Grandma connection to California Poppies!