Thursday, May 10, 2007

OK, I'm really gonna try...

Yes, this blogging thing is scary, but you know, I enjoy other people's blogs so much, that I'm really going to try this and see how it goes.

I've been thinking about what I can add to the "scene."

I think we have enough political blogs, and besides, I couldn't compete. I don't know how you all keep so up to date with the world, blog about it, and keep up with each others blogs. However you do it, I appreciated it much, so thanks, and keep it up!

I was thinking of the outdoors and my beautiful day rule when I started this blog, so I'm going to contribute nature to the blogosphere. I will post photos taken on beautiful days, and share my path towards a greener life with all of you. Hopefully I'll take some unexpected side roads along the way.

Gotta go charge the camera battery...


Manila Ryce said...

How do we political bloggers keep up with the news and the blogosphere? Easy, we kill two birds with one stone by stealing from each other.

Love the idea by the way. It's so different to find a blog telling you to go outside and stop reading blogs. Once your readership grows you ought to encourage this behavior by having people share one picture from their day.

BAC said...

Excellent idea. And as for how people keep up with everything? We rarely get outside to enjoy nature ... so thanks for sharing!


Tengrain said...

Karen -

I like your rule, and I try to live that one, too. It is easy for me (being in California) to do, too!

I'm looking forward to reading good things.



Karen said...

Oh, good, I'm glad you all like the idea. And thanks for saying so!

It might have the the interesting effect getting me to spend MORE time outdoors because I took up blogging...something that probably doesn't happen very often.